Extreme Airport Scenery

15 Custom Airports for Flight Simulator X (FSX)

Extreme Airports FSX







For Flight Simulator X

15 Detailed Airports

In 13 Countries

Aircraft Parking

AI Traffic


All airports are either enhanced from default FSX Airports as a starting point, or built from scratch where needed. Airports are not 100% accurate, but most prominent buildings and features were taken into account. The land class and terrain profile immediately surrounding the airports were updated (e.g., hilly terrain and andulations). All scenery elements are based on default FSX Scenery elements, so NOTHING WAS GRAPHICALLY DESIGNED. Default buildings from FSX that closest resembled the actual buildings were sized and arranged in order to create the closest possible look and feel of the real airports. Jetways, trees, airport vehicles, parked vehicles and many other elements were added as needed. Some of the default FSX Elements were retained. That means that your frame rate should stay relatively intact.

All airports, except Courchevel and Lukla are featured with AI Aircraft traffic. All AI traffic comprises of default FSX AI Aircraft.

Airports were compiled for maximum playability. That means that aircraft parking and fueling is ample, night lighting was added to runways where needed, and tower and other communication frequencies were added. Please note that aircraft parking, Communication frequencies and ILS frequencies are fictional.

The main aim of this package is maximum enjoyment and even though we have not graphically designed anything, our airports and surroundings provide a bigger experience of most Extreme Airports, and enable you to test your skills around these airports to the maximum.

Our airports work best with the Default FSX Mesh.


The following 15 ariports are featured:

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Anda AirportBarra Airport








Sandane Airport (Anda, Norway)                             Barra Airport (Scotland)

EGPR                                                               ENSD


Gibraltar Airport

Courchevel Airport









Courchevel Airport (France)                                    Gibraltar Airport

LFLJ                                                               LXGB


Isafjordur Airport

Kullu Manali Airport








Isafjordur Airport (Iceland)                          Bhuntar Airport (Kullu Manali, India)

BIIS                                                              VIBR


Lukla AirportMadeira Airport









Tenzing-Hillary Airport (Lukla, Nepal)                     Madeira Airport (Portugal - Island)

VNLK                                                             LPMA


Mountain Air AirportParo Airport









Mountain Air Airport (USA - North Car.)                         Paro Airport (Bhutan)

2NC0                                                             VQPR


Pulau Tioman AirportSaba Airport









Pulau Tioman Airport (Malaysia - Isl.)                Juancho Yrausquin Airport (Neth. Ant.)

WMBT                                                           SABA


Saint Barthelemy AirportShimla Airport









Saint Barthelemy I (Gustaf III) Airport                           Shimla Airport (India)

(Neth. Ant.) - TFFJ                                                    VISM


Toncontin Airport

Toncontin International Airport (Honduras)